Detox Footbath

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What is the Lectro-Chi Pro Premier Energy Ionic Cleanse detox footbath?

This is the unit that I recommend to patients so that they can do the detox foot baths at home. This is excellent for aiding the removal of toxins from your body.  First you put clean warm water in the tub provided, and 5 shakes of salt, place the electrode in the water, make sure everything is plugged in and turned the unit on. Then place your feet in the warm water and after 23 min. you will have completed a detox foot bath session. What this footbath machine does is to create an electrical charge in the water that draws the toxins out through the pores of the feet into the water. It also helps balance the positive and negative charges in the body which could cause, for instance, edema and a lack of energy just to name a few. Within just 10 sessions of the footbath I have seen energy increase, a change of color and a reduction of swelling of many patients. This obviously makes the patient feel much better. But more important, I have seen a reduction in allergies. This is due to taking the toxic load off the immune system therefore letting the immune system do what it is supposed to do. To see a footbath video demonstration click here.


Why Do I Need The Lectro-Chi Pro Premier Energy Ionic Cleanse detox footbath?

Dr. Sherry Rogers explains in her book “Detoxify or Die”, that toxins plague everyone on planet earth. Due to the abundance of environmental poisons that we are all exposed to, our bodies are overwhelmed and toxins slowly accumulate because our systems are unable to keep up with necessary levels of detoxification. Dr. Rogers explains, “We inhale well over 500 (environmental chemicals) everyday in the average home environment, and this does not even count the office, factory or traffic and the rest of out doors”

Symptoms of toxicity are enormously varied but some examples include: arthritis, weight gain, allergies, hormone disruption, neurological disorders, depression, mood swings, memory problems, loss of libido, body aches, migraines, fibromyalgia, immune system disorders, cancer and most disease processes. Dr Rogers believes that a persons toxic overload is the root of all “incurable” symptoms. The natural process of detoxification is accomplished by various systems and organs of the body, including the liver, kidneys, intestines and skin. When the body’s detoxification systems become overwhelmed these toxins stick to the cells and make it impossible for vital nutrients and oxygen to get inside and waste products to exit the cell. This accumulation, over time, impairs the proper functioning of your body and accelerates the aging process, creates illness and disease, impairs the function of various body systems, and may delay the healing process.

Professionals!!! You can also benefit from this detox footbath in your clinic. This unit will handle many many multiple sessions.


How Does The Detox Footbath Work?Detox Footbath

Different toxins and metals accumulate in various areas and organs of the body according to their magnetic attraction. The Lectro-Chi Pro Premier Ion Cleanse detox footbath was designed to create ION fields in order to detoxify and balance the overall energy in your body. An Ion is a charged atom or molecule. This charge can be either positive or negative. These ions want to naturally negate their charge back neither to positive or negative but rather a stable position. Ions then seek out things of opposite polarity to negate that charge.

The footbath unit takes advantage of that natural occurrence to remove the unwanted toxins and other harmful free radicals that are stored in the body. By using the foot bath and water as a vessel to transmit this ionic charge, the body will naturally absorb this energy force through the meridian points within the feet. This energy force will then attract the opposite polarized items in order to negate their charge and return to a stable position.

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Power Control Adjustment Switch
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Analog Amperage Meter
Heavy Gauge Enclosure
Operations Manual
Water Module (Includes 8 ft. cable)


Spray Bottle (8 oz.)

Dead Sea Salt (7 oz. Shaker)
Treatment Tub
Tub Liners (20)
Power Cord (6 ft.)
ZeoTerrain (4 fluid oz.)
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